Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glam Fever Glitches

It is frustrating to have glitches in a game. I have communicated with many dolls who are annoyed that they have earned items but they cannot get them to send to their Stardoll suite. 

Tip: Do not take the offer to send the item to your suite at the time you earn it. If the app crashes at this time, you may have to earn it all over again! Instead, just close the pop-up window, finish the game and go to the city. Touch the gift and try sending from the Rewards page. I had to do this several times to finally get the Broadway sign. 

I finally earned the Teddy Bear gift (accepting 10 dates from Admirers on the 3rd floor.) and again it will not send to my suite. Instead the app crashes. This one took a long time to earn because the admirers seem to take days to ask for a date. I want to earn the roses and expect it will take some time because will have to wait for the admirers from the fourth floor to ask me on a date.

None of my facebook friends seem to be playing glam fever. So I am not using the feature for facebook friends and don't know how well that works.

The app is directly associated with Stardoll, so you can send your feedback and requests for help directly to Stardoll Staff and they will forward it to the design team and help you. Just be clear about what problems you are experiencing.

I could not get the dog on a stretcher to send to my Stardoll suite after earning it. I contacted Audrey at Glam Fever on Facebook and she helped me with that.

Glam Fever Admirers

Each of your admirers shows on his tag a potential bonus. You must go on dates with each admirer to get a total of 20 points in order to activate the bonus. If you break up with the admirer, you lose the bonus. 

Make sure to get only 1st floor admirers until you earn all the stuff you can with them. Break up with 3 to get a diamond. The next goal is to have 5 first floor admirers. Go on dates and get 20 points to earn the bonus shown. You can pay for dates, or wait for him to ask you. 

I broke the heart of one of my admirers. I was on a date and ran out of fever. (This was my fault, I should have waited until my fever was completely full.) Instead of buying more, I tried to just exit the date. A screen came up and asked me if I wanted to Ditch my Date! I did. Then I saw that he had a broken red heart on his tag. and a 1/3. Poor guy. I'm a heartbreaker. My guess is that I get three chances and then he probably will break up with me. 

After buying all my Equipment, Studies and Uniforms, I bought extra admirer slots. The bonuses they give can be really valuable. Admirers on the each floor offer better bonuses than the previous floor admirers. Bonuses include earning extra coins while “working”, less fever reduction, faster fever refill, expanded fever capacity and additional glam.

You can earn diamonds and more if you manage your admirers well. 

Check under the gift icon on the bottom left corner and see what your current goal is with your admirers. I have already broken up with all my 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor admirers. I purchased more slots and currently I have 8 4th floor admirers.

I earned great bonuses with my 3rd floor admirers. One gave me 15% faster fever refill. Another gave me additional +60 fever so I have more fever to work with when I play. (300 vrs 240) When I broke up with him I lost this bonus. 

When you get a new admirer, read his tag and decide if the bonus is something you will use. While I was working on finishing my career at the Zoo, I had an admirer whose bonus was 30% less fever consumption in Animal Care. I broke up with him once I finished that career.

Glam Fever Navigation

When you open Glam Fever you will be in a beautifully designed small city. Navigation is easy and intuitive. I swipe across my ipad to speed from one part of the city to another. The city is lovely in the daytime but I like it best at night, when a beautiful full moon hangs in the sky over the Love Fountain. There is one storefront that says "Coming Soon" and a newsstand that has no news. (yet)

Take a little time to play with going around the city and checking out all the places you can go. You may want to decide which career you wish to pursue first and then shop for the uniforms, studies and equipment you may need. Glam Galleries is a mall with several shops to purchase items to dress your doll. It is like another mini-city, and you will swipe your screen to view all the storefronts. The Bellisima Beauty Salon is the place to change your look. Go Home to dress your doll.

Touch the top of the screen where it says "Fever" to get details on your current overall game status. This will open up a daisy-like graphic display of your Glam, Fever, Admirers, Uniforms, Equipment, Studies and clothing. It will tell you how long it will take until your fever is recharged. Touch the top again to make the daisy retract. 

Touch the coin or the diamond at the top of the screen for a short cut to the Bank. This bank doesn't hold your money, it sells currency. You can buy both coins and diamonds here, or touch the tab marked "free" for more ways to earn coins.

While you are in the city there will be a small gift box on the bottom left of the screen. Touch it to open the Rewards window. This has two tabs. One for diamonds and one for gifts. This will help you see how few diamonds are earned by doing things. Use the gift tab to see what cool items you can earn and send to your Stardoll suite. Once you earn a gift, it will be marked with a gold checkmark. Touch the item and you will be given a window with a button to send the item to your suite.  

Glam Fever Shopping

Tip: Use coins to shop. 

Shops become available to you as you rise in levels. You can "look but not touch" the items that are not available to you.

Glam value is assigned to all garments, so to have the highest glam, you must dress your doll in your most recently acquired and expensive garments. Some of these outfits are not even harmonious! Whoever designed this part does not understand the art of dressing well. This game seems to be made by someone who assigns fashion a number value. There is nothing that encourages creativity. 

There is a shop for tops and bottoms and one for dresses. The game will allow you to wear one top and one bottom or one dress. There is no option for layering.

You get a few diamonds as a bonus for buying 50 clothing items. Later you can get a few more diamonds by buying 100 more clothing items. If you want to earn this, it will cost you a lot of coins, but buying those clothing items also increases your total glam and will help you level up. 

Tip: When you level up when shopping, your fever instantly is recharged. Go shopping when your fever is low.

However, you will find that you will not use most of these items. Your doll must be dressed in the highest glam outfits, so having the other clothing seems useless. If you get to the point (as I have) that you have bought everything you can for coins, you may find this frustrating. I hope they change this soon.

Glam Fever currency

In the interest of research (what a rationalization!) I bought $5 worth of both coins and diamonds. Now that I have played a while I find that is not going to be enough, and I should not have paid for coins at all. I can earn them "working" playing the concentration game to get what else I needed. 

When you go to the special offers page you will see that there are no offers that allow you to earn diamonds. Watching the videos is the easiest, but you get very little coins. I took about a half hour to do a survey and got a couple thousand coins.

The offer for a domain name worked best for me. It was something I would have bought anyway, and I got a lot of coins.

I saw an offer from a well-known audio book site (, a division of for 26000 coins. This is a good deal, but you should check to see if it is appropriate for you. I cannot use this since I already use the service. (BTW I love audible. I purchase audiobooks and listen to them on my ipod nano while walking, driving, gardening and doing other chores.)

Seems like the offers change every day. You may find one that is right for you.

Never use diamonds to buy more fever. Diamonds are hard to earn. This is a very bad deal. Just leave the challenge. You will have to start again once your fever recharges, but you will be ahead in the long run.

I'm only use coins to buy clothes now. Yes the diamond ones are cuter, but unless you want to spend a lot of money on the game... Earning coins is much easier than earning diamonds. If you are going to buy anything, buy diamonds, not coins.

Glam Fever games

These are three in-app games that you spend most of your time playing.

"Working" is a concentration game that involves flipping cards to pair items. This is how you earn coins, and occasionally awards and diamonds. The items on the cards correlate to the equipment you bought. The concentration game is available in 4 career paths that take place in 4 different locations in the city. More about careers later.

Tip: To help you keep track of the cards you flipped and did not match you may want to use a paper and pencil. 

Tip: To earn the most each time you play, make sure to match the 4x and 2x cards before you match all the items. 


“Flirting” is a cute shooting game that involves a tiny bow and arrow and a tricky winged heart racing around the screen. I am not good at arcade shooting games, but this is what I have learned from flirting:

Go to the disco and then choose the room. Go thru the list of guys and decide which one you want. I like to vary the type. I don't think the occupation is important but it might be that the higher glam ones have nicer bonuses. I think it is random, but you can let me know what you think.

If you want to be picky, just go back, enter the room again and there will be a fresh list of guys. Select on and this will open the "Flirting" game.

When playing, try to be patient. That little heart is harder to hit when it is far away on on the side. Wait and it will come right over your arrow. I get over-anxious so I try to calm down and focus. If you miss, you will lose chances, which are linked to how much fever your doll has. Miss too many times and you will run out of chances. Sometimes I will get an offer to watch a video to get another chance. That is very helpful. If instead I get an offer to buy fever, I leave the game. Diamonds are valuable and hard to earn. You will need them for other things. Don't throw one away to get one more chance. Just leave the game, wait two hours for your fever to recharge and try again.

You will want to get admirers. They increase your glam and you can earn helpful bonuses and gifts by "Dating" them.


“Dating” involves a logic puzzle with colored hearts. 

I thought I would share how I play the date game. This is tricky because it can cost you a lot of fever. Make sure your fever level is full when you accept a date or make a date.

When an admirer has a bonus I want to earn. I buy the most expensive date I can buy for coins, because I can earn the most points (5) at once. This is my strategy to play the heart logic game when there are 8 hearts. Make a wild guess the first time. Use any four hearts and put them into the tray in any order. Press "Go."

After you see the results, think carefully. Remember to look at the results at the right of the guess. The game will display a set of pink rings above the results, which can be confusing, but ignore those, that is for the next round.
If a ring is pink, that means there is a wrong heart. If a ring is blue, that means you have a right color but in the wrong placement, and a gold ring means that you have the right color in the right spot. That will also be obvious because the game will place the correct heart in the next tray and it will have a gold outline.

If I get 3 blue rings and a pink one I keep playing with the same four hearts. I place each one above and one to the right of the previous try. The last heart I place first. This way I can methodically try each slot and easily keep track. I can do this two more times if I need to, but my result will be that I will have 3 correct within those turns and I will then know which one is not the right one. I swap in the other colored hearts until I win. (You will have enough turns to do this if you play methodically.)

If I get 2 blue rings, then I select 2 from the first tray and make sure to put them in the next slot to the right from their original positions. Then I put 2 unused hearts in with them. Then I submit. This has a variety of outcomes. The best is if you are lucky, you will get all blue rings. But all pink rings is lucky too, because then you will know that all these heart colors are not in the final solution.

There is more to think about, but this is a start. This is a logic puzzle, so try to figure out the logic instead of randomly guessing each time. Make sure never to place the same color in the same place more than once. Double check for that before you submit. This game helps you use reason to solve problems. Think hard and clearly and you will be a winner.

Notes about the Glam Fever App

The app gives you what looks like lot of currency to start, and you can earn more, but things are priced high so that the provided currency spends very fast. There is the option to purchase more currency in the app (in my case, thru itunes.) It would be wise to play for a while before deciding to spend real money.

The app rewards a few coins for writing a review, so most of the reviews are from new users who are doing it just to earn a few coins. Which renders most of the reviews meaningless since few users have been playing much.

The app is a bit buggy, sometimes quits unexpectedly. I have been unable to send some of the items I earned to my Stardoll suite. Trying to send these items crashes the app. It is better to decline sending the item when you first earn it and then try sending it from the item list. 

There is little help in the app. I keep guessing what things to do when. I paid for a date and later got asked on a date and then it was free. I broke up with one of my admirers and lost glam! I bought a dress, but then found that wearing a top and skirt got me more glam. I learned that paying for more fever was a very bad bargain. Learning has been a lot of trial and error. 

I find that continuing to play Glam fever has diminishing returns. Some of the gifts will not send to my suite. I still have not gotten the dog on a stretcher. I want to get the gifts from accepting dates but they have to ask!

There are a lot of pop-ups for other games. This can be very annoying.

Glam Fever doll Glam

Dressing up and styling your doll is a very small part of the game. I was shocked to find if I bought a new hairstyle, if I wanted to go back to the old hairstyle, I had to buy it again! And the color you have on when you buy it is the color you get. It costs each time to change hair color, and it costs even more to change hair styles.

Glam value is assigned to all garments, so to have the highest glam, you must dress your doll in your most recently aquired and expensive garments. Some of these outfits are not even harmonious! Whoever designed this part does not understand the art of dressing well.

Glam Fever - Tips for new players

When you first set up your doll, you get to pick face shape, features, hair, hair color, eyes, eye color, makeup, eyebrows and lip shape for free. Make sure you go thru all choices. I did not notice the scroll bar for choices for lips, eyebrows, etc. so I wound up the default.

Changing all features will cost after initial set-up, so make sure you like your look before you save it. The doll is cute, but there are not as many options as with Stardoll.

My main doll is madmadeleine
You can see my collection of items I earned playing Glam Fever in my penthouse on the right side.

I have more tips and discussions at my club Double_Rainbow