Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glam Fever Admirers

Each of your admirers shows on his tag a potential bonus. You must go on dates with each admirer to get a total of 20 points in order to activate the bonus. If you break up with the admirer, you lose the bonus. 

Make sure to get only 1st floor admirers until you earn all the stuff you can with them. Break up with 3 to get a diamond. The next goal is to have 5 first floor admirers. Go on dates and get 20 points to earn the bonus shown. You can pay for dates, or wait for him to ask you. 

I broke the heart of one of my admirers. I was on a date and ran out of fever. (This was my fault, I should have waited until my fever was completely full.) Instead of buying more, I tried to just exit the date. A screen came up and asked me if I wanted to Ditch my Date! I did. Then I saw that he had a broken red heart on his tag. and a 1/3. Poor guy. I'm a heartbreaker. My guess is that I get three chances and then he probably will break up with me. 

After buying all my Equipment, Studies and Uniforms, I bought extra admirer slots. The bonuses they give can be really valuable. Admirers on the each floor offer better bonuses than the previous floor admirers. Bonuses include earning extra coins while “working”, less fever reduction, faster fever refill, expanded fever capacity and additional glam.

You can earn diamonds and more if you manage your admirers well. 

Check under the gift icon on the bottom left corner and see what your current goal is with your admirers. I have already broken up with all my 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor admirers. I purchased more slots and currently I have 8 4th floor admirers.

I earned great bonuses with my 3rd floor admirers. One gave me 15% faster fever refill. Another gave me additional +60 fever so I have more fever to work with when I play. (300 vrs 240) When I broke up with him I lost this bonus. 

When you get a new admirer, read his tag and decide if the bonus is something you will use. While I was working on finishing my career at the Zoo, I had an admirer whose bonus was 30% less fever consumption in Animal Care. I broke up with him once I finished that career.

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