Friday, August 22, 2014

All you need to know about Stardoll!

My book "Stardoll Cheats: Tips for playing safe on the internet" is available for Kindle at for just $2.99. 

Check out the reviews. 5 stars!

You will learn:
  • What are cheats.
  • Who is cheating.
  • Safety on Stardoll and other sites.
  • The One-Stop Rules and what they mean.
  • Where to find free stuff safely.
  • How to recognize and deal with scammers and hackers.
  • When Parents should monitor their children's online activities.

I provide answers that go well beyond the Stardoll Help section. 

This book can be considered an insightful manual for interaction on the internet for everyone. Get your copy and read it today. You can read the first section for free at the Amazon site.