Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glam Fever Glitches

It is frustrating to have glitches in a game. I have communicated with many dolls who are annoyed that they have earned items but they cannot get them to send to their Stardoll suite. 

Tip: Do not take the offer to send the item to your suite at the time you earn it. If the app crashes at this time, you may have to earn it all over again! Instead, just close the pop-up window, finish the game and go to the city. Touch the gift and try sending from the Rewards page. I had to do this several times to finally get the Broadway sign. 

I finally earned the Teddy Bear gift (accepting 10 dates from Admirers on the 3rd floor.) and again it will not send to my suite. Instead the app crashes. This one took a long time to earn because the admirers seem to take days to ask for a date. I want to earn the roses and expect it will take some time because will have to wait for the admirers from the fourth floor to ask me on a date.

None of my facebook friends seem to be playing glam fever. So I am not using the feature for facebook friends and don't know how well that works.

The app is directly associated with Stardoll, so you can send your feedback and requests for help directly to Stardoll Staff and they will forward it to the design team and help you. Just be clear about what problems you are experiencing.

I could not get the dog on a stretcher to send to my Stardoll suite after earning it. I contacted Audrey at Glam Fever on Facebook and she helped me with that.

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