Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glam Fever Navigation

When you open Glam Fever you will be in a beautifully designed small city. Navigation is easy and intuitive. I swipe across my ipad to speed from one part of the city to another. The city is lovely in the daytime but I like it best at night, when a beautiful full moon hangs in the sky over the Love Fountain. There is one storefront that says "Coming Soon" and a newsstand that has no news. (yet)

Take a little time to play with going around the city and checking out all the places you can go. You may want to decide which career you wish to pursue first and then shop for the uniforms, studies and equipment you may need. Glam Galleries is a mall with several shops to purchase items to dress your doll. It is like another mini-city, and you will swipe your screen to view all the storefronts. The Bellisima Beauty Salon is the place to change your look. Go Home to dress your doll.

Touch the top of the screen where it says "Fever" to get details on your current overall game status. This will open up a daisy-like graphic display of your Glam, Fever, Admirers, Uniforms, Equipment, Studies and clothing. It will tell you how long it will take until your fever is recharged. Touch the top again to make the daisy retract. 

Touch the coin or the diamond at the top of the screen for a short cut to the Bank. This bank doesn't hold your money, it sells currency. You can buy both coins and diamonds here, or touch the tab marked "free" for more ways to earn coins.

While you are in the city there will be a small gift box on the bottom left of the screen. Touch it to open the Rewards window. This has two tabs. One for diamonds and one for gifts. This will help you see how few diamonds are earned by doing things. Use the gift tab to see what cool items you can earn and send to your Stardoll suite. Once you earn a gift, it will be marked with a gold checkmark. Touch the item and you will be given a window with a button to send the item to your suite.  

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