Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glam Fever Shopping

Tip: Use coins to shop. 

Shops become available to you as you rise in levels. You can "look but not touch" the items that are not available to you.

Glam value is assigned to all garments, so to have the highest glam, you must dress your doll in your most recently acquired and expensive garments. Some of these outfits are not even harmonious! Whoever designed this part does not understand the art of dressing well. This game seems to be made by someone who assigns fashion a number value. There is nothing that encourages creativity. 

There is a shop for tops and bottoms and one for dresses. The game will allow you to wear one top and one bottom or one dress. There is no option for layering.

You get a few diamonds as a bonus for buying 50 clothing items. Later you can get a few more diamonds by buying 100 more clothing items. If you want to earn this, it will cost you a lot of coins, but buying those clothing items also increases your total glam and will help you level up. 

Tip: When you level up when shopping, your fever instantly is recharged. Go shopping when your fever is low.

However, you will find that you will not use most of these items. Your doll must be dressed in the highest glam outfits, so having the other clothing seems useless. If you get to the point (as I have) that you have bought everything you can for coins, you may find this frustrating. I hope they change this soon.

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